One Potato, Two Potato 6.10.2016
A fundraiser for Prairie Creek Farm
Do you know where your French fries come from? Late summer when the crop comes in, the Daily sources its potatoes from Prairie Creek Farm, an organic family owned farm in Joseph, Oregon.
Its the soil, its the air, its the people.
Join us in supporting this struggling farm by purchasing a raffle ticket for a chance to win Sunday Brunch for up to six guests. Raffle tickets are $5.00 each and on sale at the Daily in the Pearl through the month of June. All proceeds will go to supporting the continued operation of Prairie Creek Farm. The lucky winner will be announced Friday, July 1, 2016.
Prairie Creek Farm, by Patrick Thiel
The legacy of Prairie Creek Farm is built on authentic agriculture. Gene, my father, taught me that there is no sacrifice too great to follow one's conscience, by doing what is best for the land and healthiest for our customers. Oregon Tilth's standards for organic certification grew out of a list of requirements for truly organic food my father Gene and two other Oregon farmers scribbled on a napkin in Portland after some sellers started calling their produce organic that was undeserving of that name. And when the Slow Food movement needed a speaker for the their annual convention, they flew Gene and my mother Eileen over so Gene could share his unique and in-depth knowledge of truly organic methods and their related health benefits.
The sudden and unexpected deterioration of my father, Gene Thiel, in 2013 and his death in July, hit the farm hard. Much of the crop in that year failed after primary attention and effort was properly focused on Gene, his health and his treatments. Vulnerable from not being able to buy new seed stock, disease wiped out most of the potato crop in 2014. Those crop failures have prevented me from substantially paying down the debts I chose to take on. At this time I can not obtain an operating loan to produce this year's crop.
It is now time to plant    .
I invite you to participate in something that is good. Something that you can own as an impact on this community's health and your own.

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